MTIA Certifications

  • The MTIA leveling system and its levels include 1 through 10

  • The system guides its students through training by introducing different fundamentals at appropriate levels in order to ensure that the students better understand and better execute those fundamentals. 

  • As different fundamentals are introduced throughout training, the curriculum ensures safety in learning, while still being continuously challenging to students to do more to graduate to the next level.

  • Students are required to train for the required amount of hours before testing up to the next level. 

  • Students will be administered a test by the Trainer, Kru, Arjarn or Master according to the curriculum from the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

  • In each level, students have new techniques and drills learn and practice, all while continuing to practice what they have already learned.

  • When a student reaches a new rank in the MTIA system they will receive a Thailand government certificate and their new colored prajiouds from Thailand.

  • The MTIA leveling system keeps students motivated to learn and to train safely.

  • Online Training is also availible.



Course Duration: 5 Days

Requirements: Having 2-3 Years of Muay Thai and/or Martial Arts experience

During this course you will learn:

  • Grade 1: Yellow Prajioud / Fundamentals of Teaching

  • Grade 2: Green Prajioud

  • Grade 3: Blue Prajioud

  • Pad Work: Level 1-2

  • Bag Work: Step 1

  • For the test, each grade requires you to perform necessary techniques to be judged by three masters on behalf of the Government of Thailand.

  • After passing the test you receive an official ASSISTANT TRAINER certificate under the Ministry of Education upon succeeding the rank requirements.

  • This allows you to grade your students to Grade 3 (Blue Prajioud).

  • Official MTIA certificates can be ordered for your students.

  • Assistant Trainers can move to the next level: Trainer.

  • Online Training also available.

Muay Thai Assistant Trainer Certification Course

Course Length: 5 Days

​Requirements:  Muay Thai and/or Martial Arts experience

During this course you will learn:

  • Learn the MTIA system from 1st to 5th grades.

  • Be able to grade your students from 1st to 5th grades.

  • Learn how to teach Muay Thai lessons for beginners.

  • Be able to teach private classes and kids classes.

  • Learn the basic Pad Work to train your students.

  • Learn to use the various combinations of training equipment such as the Thai Pads Focus Mitts and the Cobra Shield, etc.

  • Learn how to grade your students and on what grounds to grade your students.

  • Learn how to use the training equipment such as the Body Bag, the Long Bag,  Tear drop Bag, etc.

  • Learn why you cannot use the Saturday’s programs to teach your students on Mondays.

  •  Learn how to build and grow your business and earn more income.

  • Online Training is also available.

Muay Thai Trainer Certification

DaysCourse Length: 5-7 Days

Course Requirements: Currently owning/running a martial arts or Muay Thai gym (Contact us for more information on the Kru Certification Qualification)

  • Learn the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System from the 1st to 10th GRADES.


  • Learn how to train your students to counter the attacks and shorten their ‘reaction time’.

  • Learn the basic referee skills from our certified referee.

  • Learn how to practice Pad Work with your students to create the ‘flow’ in combinations.

  • Online Training is also availible.

Muay Thai Kru (Instructor) Certification Course

To become a certified Ajarn /Master you must follow the MTIA guidelines and be graded to be invited to become an Ajarn/Master of the Muay Thai.

Course Length: 5 – 7 Days

Course Requirements:

  • Must be a certified Kru from Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy to be eligible for Ajarn/Master Certification Course currently running a martial arts or Muay Thai gym.2

  • Must have student(s) ranked in the World Ranking of Muay Thai Fighters

  • Learn the ‘Ahingsa’ skills of the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System.​

  • Ajarn/Master can grade students up to 10th grade.

  • Learn to improve your students/fighters timing and accuracy

  • Learn how to train the students/fighters to find ‘pocket’ (target) in all situations.

  • Learn how best to ‘sharpen’ your students/fighters reaction time.

  • Receive training and qualification for Referee and Judge.

  • Receive a promoter license: you will be able to promote professional fight events (You must contact the authority in your city for the rules and regulations for hosting fight events.)

  • Learn Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong.

  • Learn how to set up Muay Thai Seminars and what you need to cover for each seminars.

Arjarn Certification Course
(By Invitation Only)
Muay Thai Referee & Judge License C

Amateur  Muay Thai Referee & Judge course.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Pre-requisite:  Certified Kru under Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy

Final Exam: Written & Performance Exams

​MuayThai Referee & Judge License B

Amateur  Muay Thai Referee & Judge course.
Course Duration: 2 Days
Pre-requisite: Certified Ajarn/Master under Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy
Final Exam: Written & Performance Exams

​Muay Thai Referee & Judge Licensee A

Professional Muay Thai Referee & Judge course.
Course Duration: 2 Days
Pre-requisite: Certified Ajarn/ Master under Master Toddy's Muay Thai Academy
Final Exam: Written & Performance Exams

Yearly Renewals

The MTIA License Book is like a passport ID Card of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong and other.


  • To record all of your awards, grading and fights

  • Awards - to help make your students active and motivated

  • Register with MTIA Headquarters, where the records are kept.

  • The fight record will help the match makers find your student a same level fight.

  • The student record can give you a chance to award your student. 

  • Anywhere official record you can use to show your level anywhere in the world.

  • You can use the license book also to keep fight records of MMA and other styles.

MTIA License Book

MTIA Gym License

Scheduled Testing Dates

Requirements: The school must have an MTIA certified Trainer, Kru, Arjarn or Master.

  • Updating MTIA gym affiliation license lets the Thailand Government know your school is still active on record.

  • The license will be hung on your gym's wall to show all your members your are an official MTIA affiliated gym. 

  • Your school will be at the top of the MTIA gym recommendation list for everyone to see and search for online.

  • Your school will recieve the official MTIA curriculum.

  • You will be given exclusive territory from the MTIA we will not let another MTIA school open close to yours. 

  • You will receive a store front decal of the offical MTIA logo for everyone to see.

  • Every year your gym will be up for rewards within the MTIA.



Upcoming Test Dates 

  • June 4th-8th 2018

  • August 6th-10th 2018

  • October 1st-5th 2018

  • November 26th-30th 2018

  • Testing inside the dates provided will be discounted 

  • Testing dates will be done in group session

  • There is a max capacity of 20 students per instructor course

  • The testing inside the dates include accomodations for the duration of the course and can also be extended. 

We also offer instructor courses outside of these dates at full price.