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Knee Course

There are more than 10 kinds of knees and many types grabs or clinches to use knees. In Thailand, it is common practice to do knee drill for hours a day. Once you become moreadvanced in using knees, it will give you the upper hand because no other Martial Arts can get out of knees by clinching.

You will learn!

  • How to position your body to see what will work with different types of knee strikes

  • How to feel and practice what kind of knee weapon your opponent will use and what you can do to counter

  • Put together all grabs, body positions and knees to form combinations

  • Improve your balance and use your opponents weight against them

  • The system of Diesel Noi ‘King of the Knee’, ex Lumpinee Stadium Champion

You will also be given homework to practice so you can implement it into your training regime.

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