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How to Grade

Due to the update in the rules and regulations approved by the Thai Government’s Ministry of Education, we must inform you the procedures in submitting your grading information for your school.

You must follow these instructions very carefully. If a school does not abide by the following instructions, all graded and certified students will not be recognized by the MTIA and the school and the students will have no affiliation with the MTIA.




1. Once you have schedule the exam date, please inform us of your exam date and approximate the amount of students who will participate via email at This is so that we can make sure to prepare the Grading Sets for your school.


2. After you have promoted your students, please don’t forget to take a group picture of the class after the ceremony. Preferably all instructors and students should wear the school uniform with belts and prajiouds and big smiles!

3. Finally, please download the Grading Report Form from the link below.
Complete the form, typed out or with legible handwriting and email it back to us. We will record the list of names of the students and the ranks to which they have been promoted under your school. Then, MTIA will submit the record to the Thai Government and issue a congratulations on behalf of the Thai Government, MTIA and Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy.

4.  All certificates MUST be purchased from the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai HQ only.


5.  All certificates MUST have the school logo and the MTIA logo and stated the accreditation.


6.  All certificates MUST be signed by Grand Master Toddy only!!


7.  Any signatures at the Master Instructor besides the one belonging to Grand Master Toddy will not be accepted. The certificate is considered forged and MTIA and Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy WILL NOT recognize the certificate and the student.


Note: Please understand that the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai School and MTIA is in compliance with the Royal Thai Government’s Ministry of Education. We must follow their approved rules in order to be recognized and accredited by the Thai Government.


For more information on how to purchase the Grading Sets and how to number the certificates, please feel free to contact us:

The MTIA Grading Rules and Regulations


Example:Grading Form

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