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Online Training


The MTIA Trainer/Instructor Online

Training program offers the possibility to train and progress all the way to Trainer/Kru. You have the option of just training, or actually testing and being awarded rank at each level. The time period between ranks is depending on your personal understanding and progress. Testing can be done via Video/Online Testing. 

Once you complete the MTIA course online or DVD or at a certified training center, you are eligible to test for promotion to the Trainer/Instructor Rank. Qualification for Trainer/Instructor rank requires mastery of all variations of the techniques in every conceivable combination. Award of the Trainer/Instructor requires successful completion of the all techniques from 1st Grade (Yellow Sash) up to 8th Grade (Red Sash, Black Stripe).  These qualifications constitute a standardized test of your proficiency in the execution of the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System. For each Grade, you have TEN minutes unscripted to demonstrate all variations of the techniques in the exact order that we list them on the MTIA Grading charts.

Evaluation Options
Once you are confident in your ability to perform the Trainer/Instructor Qualifications, you may take the Qualification Test using one of the following two methods:

Option 1 – Video Evaluation
Due to the widespread use of video upload/sharing technology you can now test for official rank promotions through the internet.  Upon mastering the MTIA Rank Qualification, you will need to digitally record yourself conducting them in the exact format that is demonstrated by Grandmaster Toddy.  Then, upload the videos to YOUTUBE CHANNEL or Burn them on DVD and send them to MTIA headquarter in Thailand  where they will be viewed and evaluated by him. Listed below are some important details regarding the video evaluation process:

1. Talk Through the Moves: We understand that it may be difficult to memorize all the techniques in the exact order, so, you may have someone read the techniques to you while you are filming the evaluation.

2. Continuous Shot: In order to test your true understanding of the techniques, you must conduct in TEN minutes or less (no less than seven minutes).  As a result, you may not stop the camera at any time once a technique has started.  We will not evaluate your performance if you fail to shoot each technique in one take. (Note: All Level Requirements do not need to be shot on the same day)


3. Film the Details: We cannot give you credit unless we see the technique.  Focus on effectively angling your body towards the camera so that we can clearly see the essential details of each move.

Option 2 – Live Evaluation
If you are uncomfortable using the Video Evaluation Process or you simply want to test in person, we invite you to conduct a live evaluation at the MTIA Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. Here are some important details regarding the live evaluation process:

1. Stay Relaxed: The most important consideration during any evaluation is the quality of the technique. The most common mistake you are likely to make during a live evaluation is to rush nervously through the techniques and jeopardize the quality of your execution. Although it is important that your techniques are conducted reflexively, you must remain calm and only go as quickly as "perfect technique" will allow.

2. Prepare Diligently: With the video evaluation process, you can re-shoot your execution of the techniques as many times as you’d like before you submit them. During a live evaluation, you will only have one chance to execute each drill. If your performance does not meet the MTIA standards, you will fail the test and must retest at a later date. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you prepare diligently to minimize the chance of errors during the live evaluation.

For more information regarding the MTIA Online Training please contact us at

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