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The M.T.I.A License Book is like a passport ID Card
of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong and

  • To record all of your awards, grading and fights

  • Awards - to help make your students active and motivated

  • Register with MTIA Headquarters, where the
    records are kept.

  • The fight record will help the match makers
    find your student a same level fight.

  • The student record can give you a chance to
    award your student. 

  • Anywhere official record you can use to show
    your level anywhere in the world.

  • You can use the license book also to keep fight
    records of MMA and other styles.


MTIA Licensed Book - Personal Informatio

1. Information page 

a. On this page you will fill  out your name, school, 
address and other pertinent personal information. 


b. This page is important to fill out completely in case
the passport ever get lost. Also, it shows who to send the
passport back to when the passport is renewed. 

Page 2.JPG

2. Renewal Page

a. This is the page that is filled out every time the passport
is renewed.

b. This page gives a beginning and expiration date for the
validity of the license. 

Page 3.JPG

3. Licensing Certificate page 

a. This page officially recognizes that the owner of the
passport has been taught under and is part of the M.T.I.A

b. This page is government certified.

c. This page is signed by Grand Master Toddy himself.

4. Grading Report

a. This report is completed by the instructor. 

b. This report is signed off and verified by Grand Master Toddy. 

c. This page shows at what level of student or instructor the owner of the license has attained.