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Come Train In Bangkok with the legends of Muay Thai!

  • Specialized Courses (Boxing, Knockout, knee and many more)

  • Instructor Courses

  • Accommodations

  • Tours of Thailand

  • Muay Thai Visa (5 Years) 

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Gear Affiliate of MTIA

Win Custom Gear

  • Customized Gear

  • Hand made in Thailand

  • Unique and durable design

  • The only hang and quick dry system

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Custom Material

  • Crocodile skin

  • Snake skin

  • Different types of leathers

  • Laces or velcro or both

  • Comfortably molds to your hand

  • Unique gloves found no where else!

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Trainers Gear!

  • Thai Pads

  • Focus Mitts

  • Kick Shields

  • Belly Pads

  • leg kick pads

  • Cobra Shields

  • Heavy Bags

  • Wall Mounts 

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