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There are many interesting events that mark every month and make it special for Bangkok, so if you choose to join us for course not only that you will have amazing training and achieve your goal in becoming certified trainer, but you will as well be part of traditional Bangkok celebrations!


Our upcoming Instructor Courses for 2016 are scheduled on the following dates:


  • January 4th - 8th

Come early and enjoy in New Year Night celebrations with Bangkok amazing fireworks and parties that last for days!

  • March 7th - 11th

During this time you can experience the legendary event of Muay Thai - World Muay Thai 2016 from 12-16th March and  can view the 12th World Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony on the 17th March at Ayutthaya.

  • April 25th - 29th

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year celebrated on 13 to 15 of April, 13th being the Thai New Year, 14th being the nation’s Family Day, and 15th being National Elderly Day.

  • August 8th - 12th

Thailand Queen’s Cup World Muay Thai
The highly anticipated Queen's cup in honor of her majesty will take place again this year on the 12th August! Ladies from around the world come to join some of the best Muay Thai fights in Bangkok! All the Muay Thai fights in Bangkok are free to watch!

  • October 3rd - 7th

We offer special price during this month for Instructor course only as it is the  sale month in Bangkok! Don’t forget to bring an extra bag as you can order with us custom made gloves, pads and Muay Thai shorts with your name or logo at our best discounted price!  You can experience the Muay Thai training at our beach camp in Phetburee that is opening soon.
One of the most anticipated events in Bangkok, the Vegetarian Festival is popular among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Restaurants and street stalls across the city put up yellow flags to announce their participation in the festival; while some still serve non-vegetarian dishes, most opt to go pure vegetarian for the entire length of the festival.

  • November 28th - December 2nd

(King’s birthday celebrations- On this day you can see one of the biggest Muay Thai fights in Thailand!)


Please note that if you would like to have course outside these dates we can arrange that for you. To do so please contact us directly by Email:



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