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Fighters Club

AMATEUR IN MUAY THAI: A fighter who has never participated in competition for money. An athlete who is not paid for his/her performance. An athlete at the beginning learning levels of his/her career.

PROFESSIONAL IN MUAY THAI: A fighter who is paid for his/her performance. Paid for their excellence of experience, knowledge and ability of their Muay Thai. An athlete who plays for pay.

All Amateur Fighters are required to complete the MTIA Amateur Fighter Confirmation Form at the event weigh-ins and hand to the MTIA Event Representative for legal proof of their Amateur status. 
To view the  form Click HERE.

Fighters must be a minimum of 18 years old.
Fighters above the age of 40 have special "Medical" requirements.
All Fighters will be required to show a Photo ID to the MTIA Event Representative for confirmation of their name and age.

All fighters need to sign the Waiver of Liability Form before each event.  To view the form CLICK HERE.

All fighters and MTIA members will receive the MTIA License Booklet upon registration.
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