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Gym License

  • MTIA gym license through the Thai Ministry of Education.

  • This certifies your gym under the Thailand Government.



Under Thailand Ministry of Education

Blessing from Legends


MTIA provides specific ranks for you and all members directly under the Thailand government.

The only Muay Thai system that will help you, your students, and your gym to grow

You must qualify for your certificate by passing government standard tests. Tests determine levels for yourself and your students. 

A Level Based System

  • Level-based system that helps keep track of student progress

  • Includes multiple levels: student, assistant trainer, trainer, Kru, and Ajarn.

  • MTIA has different colored prajiouds and mongkols that for each of the different levels

  • Students receive certificates, new prajiouds, and new mongkols upon graduating to the next level

Grading & Licenses

  • Includes student grading cards that instructors use to keep track of hours practiced and notifies intructors when students may test for the next level

  • Includes a licensing book that works along with the grading book to document student progress and required techniques to learn


  • MTIA is accredited by the Ministry of Thailand and the Thai Ministry of Education.

  • All instructors certified under Thailand government.

Great Gear Prices!

  • Krus, and Ajarns receive wholesale pricing on Muay Thai gear affiliated with MTIA

Level System

  • The MTIA leveling system is designed for your students to train safely and earn new training privileges.

  • Each level students will learn new techniques and get new drills to work on.


  • MTIA personal license from the Thailand government

  • Keeps track of achievements and training over the year.


  • MTIA personal license from the Thailand government

  • Keeps track of achievements and training over the year.

MTIA System

  • A step by step MTIA guide how to run your academy.

  • A guided process on how to drill and teach students safely and effectively. 

Testimonials From Around the World

Jai Martial Arts

"I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to adopt your Muay Thai Curriculum into my school. As you know I was very hesitant in doing so as it was totally different to what I have been teaching. Since we first met in 2009 when you visited my school in Sydney Australia you showed and proved to me how it could be done.

I am so grateful that I listened to you and began my journey in pursuing my Muay Thai training.  Once we embraced your system we realized how easy it is to implement. Your step by step programs thru all the rankings make it exciting and rewarding for all our students. 

The Grading System is so unique that it makes me wonder why no one else has done that before.

We have had parents of students join our classes whom I thought would never get involved in any Martial Arts program. I honestly do not believe that we would of been able to grow and grow the way we have if we did not have your program

But what I like the best is that there is always help and follow up from you or your great trainers if we need anything.

With your support, great products to compliment our authentic Muay Thai classes etc.. we are destined to grow our schools ten fold.

Every school owner I meet I encourage them 100% to implement your system and I stress to them that they will never regret doing so it's s great addition to their school and a fantastic retention opportunity.

In ending I am really indebted to your help, mentoring and friendship Sir."


 - Ajarn Joe Ingrati 

Certificate Authenticity information 


Grand Master Toddy has NEVER allowed anyone to sign the certificates in his place. All authentic certificates are signed in Bangkok by Grand Master Toddy personally. Any certificate printed outside of Bangkok, and or signed outside of Bangkok maybe construed as fakes, holding no ranking or credential with MTIA and or the Thai Government.

The Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy and the Thai Government ONLY sanction the certificates that are authentic.

Certificates provided to MTIA students are unique. They hold the MTIA stamped seal, contain original signatures by Mater Toddy, and are numbered and catalogued in our MTIA record books.  If the certificate does not bear a watermark, a proper stamp, authentic signatures, and/or a corresponding MTIA certificate number that matches MTIA record books, the certificate is most assuredly forged.


Verification of Certificates 

1) To verify its authenticity one may simply turn the certificate over to see if the stamp has the proper indentations. If the certificate does not bear a proper stamp then it maybe un-authentic.

2) The signatures are never stamped; Grand Master Toddy takes the time to personally sign each certificate.

3) MTIA certificates are catalogued with a unique number and recorded.

If you wish to find out whether your certificate is legitimate, please scan the certificate, make sure the certificate number is clearly visible, and email to us for confirmation at:

ZenQuest Martial Arts

"Master Toddy’s Muay Thai System is a great way to implement a system which includes the Muay Thai teaching as well as the knowledge of growing your Muay Thai school.

By establishing and following Grand Master Toddy’s teaching style and his knowledge of running a successful Muay Thai gym, you will be amazed by the outcome of his method of teaching and running a business. In 2011, as a Canadian Immigrant, I opened my own gym in Canada, utilizing Master Toddy’s Muay Thai system.

Although I had no experience of how to run a business in Canada, I decided to follow Grand Master Toddy’s advice on how to teach and how to do business.

At the beginning, it was a little bit tough since Canadians had little knowledge of Grand Master Toddy or even the art of Muay Thai, so I tried to follow the steps that Master Toddy gave me, such as: how to approach and talk to your first lead student, how to teach classes to beginners, intermediate and advance levels, how to make a plan to teach during the week days, how to promote students and so much more …….and it worked well. 

His advice worked out amazing. Today we are a very well-known Muay Thai gym in Ontario, Canada and we have many students, all of which I am very proud of.  All of our students are respectful, loyal and friendly and I love sharing my knowledge with them on the art of Muay Thai.

At the end, I humbly thank Great Grand Master Toddy for all his supports over the years. To me, he is more than a teacher, he is my great mentor & friend and brother. God bless him and his loved ones."


 - Ajarn Ali Yassini

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