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1. Once you have schedule the exam date, please inform us of your exam date and approximate amount of the students to participate via email to us at This is so that we can make sure to prepare the Grading Sets for your school.

2. After you have promoted your students, please don’t forget to take the group picture of the class after the ceremony. Preferably all instructors and students are wearing the school uniform with belts and prajeats and big big smiles!

3. Finally, please download the Grading Report Form provided below, complete the form, typed out or with legible hand and email back to us. We will record the list of names of the students and the ranks they have been promoted under your school to submit to the Thai Government and issue the Congratulations on behalf of the Thai Government, MTIA and Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy.

You can download the form by clicking the link below. (Grading Report Form)




The instructors must re-certify within the first year after he or she has graduated from the Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy.

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