Arjarn Jai Christopher Ingrati Experience with Master Toddy:

I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to adopt your Muay Thai Curriculum into my school. As you know I was very hesitant in doing so as it was totally different to what I have been teaching. Since we first met in 2009 when you visited my school in Sydney Australia you showed and proved to me how it could be done.

I am so grateful that I listened to you and began my journey in pursuing my Muay Thai training.  Once we embraced your system we realized how easy it is to implement. Your step by step programs thru all the rankings make it exciting and rewarding for all our students. 

The Grading System is so unique that it makes me wonder why no one else has done that before.

We have had parents of students join our classes whom I thought would never get involved in any Martial Arts program. I honestly do not believe that we would of been able to grow and grow the way we have if we did not have your program. 

But what I like the best is that there is always help and follow up from you or your great trainers if we need anything.

With your support, great products to compliment our authentic Muay Thai classes etc.. we are destined to grow our schools ten fold.

Every school owner I meet I encourage them 100% to implement your system and I stress to them that they will never regret doing so it's s great addition to their school and a fantastic retention opportunity.

In ending I am really indebted to your help, mentoring and friendship Sir.

- Ajarn Joe Ingrati - 

JAI Martial Arts



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